In the past (27+) years I gained a lot of experience within a variety of businesses, where I learned and developed my #lean #5S & supporting skills.
Throughout those years I discovered that lean management, specially in productivity environments, is my passion.
I have a talent for analyzing businesses, business structures and shop-floor situations. Together with the people from the shop-floor we work as one team to set the people back on the right track in a hands-on kind of way.
I work mostly “Bottom Up”, helping managers to achieve their goals by creating support from the shop-floor.
To visualize what I do, and would like for you and your clients too, look at this picture that says it all.

The methods I use to obtain this quality working environment is 5S. (kaizen/lean)

About me: Marco van Velthuisen
I am a independent social entrepreneur, 45 years young, and a very proud dad of my twins.
A few of my hobbies are: PowerWalking, Cycling on the race/mountainbike and DJ-ing old school way with the vinyls.
I have a passion for people, positive attitudes and I love to take care of things by facilitating and supporting you to make it happen.

Feel free to CONTACT me if you have a question.