Manager Services van Velthuisen,
Thé Lean Management partner for implementation and optimalisation of your company processes.

Experience learns us that the problems in a company can be in different areas like:
– purchasing
– production
– productdesign
– the way how work is organised
– the defective cooperation between management and production.

If you are the director of a production firm, the quality manager of an assembly department, a manager operations or a production worker, everybody is sometimes stuck in their regular (solid) work and think pattern.
Do you recognize this?
The best part of your time is spend to ad-hoc solving little issues and interferences on the work-floor. Processes are slowing down and the cost to maintain production levels are rising. The management team is breathing down your neck with less and less positive numbers/figures.

Manager Services van Velthuisen puts everyone in the company (from CEO to production worker) in a virtual helicopter so that I can let you see where the improvements are posible in your organisation.
Then we help you in a pragmatic way and when needed hands-on to solve the issues we found during our “flight”. Often we can bring costs down and productivity up, without investing tons of money.

Manager Services van Velthuisen supports companies, like stated above, on daily basis solving their issues. Mostly individual but sometimes we need to scale up with a bigger available Lean Management team in which our expertises are bundled.


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