Do you get it? It is: Win win win, or as we call it: triplewins

We often spoke about it, talked it through but somehow people are still not understanding how a triple win works.
We all could benefit from a triple win, and that is the simplicity about it.

Well, for me the noble task to explain it for you with an (recent) example.
Here we go:

I was looking for funding to help a friend in need (read the full story HERE)
After some bypass routes taken I found funding for him. So there is the FIRST WIN for the person who arranged the funding (he makes a profit by the interest on his money) , my friend can go on with his business, so there you have the SECOND WIN.
I participate in his company for a small bit from a different angle then doing his business, but his continuation will give me the leverage to go on with the goals I set for this half of the year. So there you have the THIRD WIN.