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What is your value stream?

What is your value stream?

Hi fellow networkers through out the world (and the UK wink )
Reading through the forums and blogs I found a common thing that bonds us all here. We all seem to value the Ecademy network in our own way. Our value stream sort of speak....
For example:
There are people here willing to share knowledge by blogging about it and there are people strictly for their business, also we see a lot of "wanting to change the world" type of persons.
To keep a long story short, they (we) are all having our value stream in a way here.

My stream is to get to know people around the world in a social/business kind of way. Personally I have not done business (making money, doing deals) with anyone from Ecademy just yet, but I think that is because my target group (Small and medium size businesses 5 till 250 employees) is not (yet) here on Ecademy for the Netherlands.


Op maandag 17 mei aanstaande wordt de 1e editie van HeartGolf, hét
Business-to-Business Golf Tournament van Stichting Heartbeat gehouden.
HeartGolf zal plaatsvinden op het golfcentrum De Batouwe in Zoelen en wordt
afgesloten met een gastronomisch diner in de aansprekende ambiance van
Kasteel Wijenburg te Echteld. De volledige opbrengst van HeartGolf wordt
beschikbaar gesteld aan Stichting Heartbeat. Stichting Heartbeat staat voor
zorg, plezier en ontspanning voor hartpatiënten!

HeartGolf is gericht op ondernemers en managers in de sectoren
Business-to-Business en zakelijke dienstverlening. Er is een gevarieerd
programma dat in het teken staat van sportiviteit, gezelligheid én het
verbreden van het netwerk. Een uitstekende gelegenheid om zakelijke relaties
te introduceren en te onthalen op een prettige combinatie van 'Business &

Er kan worden deelgenomen met een flight van 4 personen of op individuele

Do you get it? It is: Win win win, or as we call it: triplewins

We often spoke about it, talked it through but somehow people are still not understanding how a triple win works.
We all could benefit from a triple win, and that is the simplicity about it.

Well, for me the noble task to explain it for you with an (recent) example.
Here we go:

I was looking for funding to help a friend in need (read the full story HERE)
After some bypass routes taken I found funding for him. So there is the FIRST WIN for the person who arranged the funding (he makes a profit by the interest on his money) , my friend can go on with his business, so there you have the SECOND WIN.
I participate in his company for a small bit from a different angle then doing his business, but his continuation will give me the leverage to go on with the goals I set for this half of the year. So there you have the THIRD WIN.

We are lightyears ahead regarding Knowledge Management

We are lightyears ahead regarding Knowledge Management

Today I gave a guest college at the school I teach regularly. It was about knowlegde management, for us here in the community the most "normal" thing to talk about and to do.
The studends here are between the ages of 18 to 23 years old, for me they are the target group regarding KM.

Well today I found out that they are not, at least not this particular group of students. Their first reaction was that is was all a bit "floaty" and that there was no structure in knowledge management.
I showed them the socialnomics clips "Do You Know" to make it a bit more touchable for them, and after those short movies and a few hours later they begun to see the benefits of KM.
Seems like we are ahead indeed here on Ecademy and that we need to shake things up even more wink